Mar 04


welcome back, tanlines

the internet impatiently awaits the release of tanline‘s ep settings next tuesday, and we here at the hpsu blog are, obviously, no exception. and it’s not just because they will be joining us for a rad party at the warehouse this saturday

tanlines does not just lay down the soundtrack for truly groovy summer fun all year long. their musical aesthetic is enhanced by an uncanny sense of where both music and music listeners are at, and what it takes to make good music, right now. which is to say: they are game to play all sorts of venues (see: left), they digitally self-release their albums (see: review), they re-mix (see:youtube, then keep checking related videos) and get mixed (see: what the fader has to say about that), they make music that is dance-able (see: pitchfork’s review of “real life”), and have a deep respect for the role that the internet, and especially youtube play in the dissemination of music, right now (see: what they have to say about that). this mix of party plus savvy is definitely something that hartford’s party starters can deeply appreciate.
so, even if tanline’s latin-beat-electro-pop (i know, i didn’t get that right. not then, not now) is not necessarily something you would put on your ipod, it’s your duty to come check them out, live, and enjoy the show. and bring friends. and please dont even make me wax poetic about washed out and small black (see: pitchfork beat me to it).
tanlines, small black, and washed out with hartford’s own dirty d and partytime
(who have each uploaded to the internet dance-tested, party-goer approved mixetapes. dont even make me link to them, please just scroll down the page)
saturday march 6th
the warehouse
45 bartholemew ave
hartford ct
18 +

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    just gabbie

    wow, bee. all that sass-a-frass. <3 it… love this show… love HPSU… love, love, love, i want your love.

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    love these guys, blogged on them too! http://fokkawolfe.blogspot.com/2010/03/tanlines-settings-ep-and-real-life.html

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